Our Solutions


Slipstream provides specialised and customisable CRM/ERP software solutions for the debt review management processes. Our expert team of IT specialists provides support, maintenance and continuous development enhancements to optimise clients’ experience and operational efficiencies. Our products provide clients with:

Debt review processes require the accurate, valid and complete processing, storage and exchange of large volumes of information and documentation between multiple stakeholders. Compliance with the National Credit Act as well as data privacy compliance is key to the process.

We streamline volumes and improve task management to make back-office functions more efficient, cost-effective and compliant.

Workflow tasks are:

  • Appropriately assigned to correct departments.
  • Aged if not worked or subsequently reassigned to users that are available and online to work the task.
  • Tracked and date stamped for regulatory compliance purposes.

Our workflow applications:

  • Can be integrated with 3rd party software providers to automate certain processes.
  • Are paperless.
  • Are user-friendly and specific for each stage of the process.
  • Require minimal data entry from data clerks using dropdown lists, email templates and intelligent automated responses.
  • Ensure that only accurate, complete and valid data is captured by using necessary data field validation rules and edit checks.
  • Provide meaningful employee performance tracking where manual data entry processes are required.

There are many stakeholders involved in the debt review process. Our communication platforms aim to improve and enhance communication between all parties by providing real-time access via:

  • Credit provider, debtor, debt counsellor, and regulator portals.
  • Automated text, SMS, WhatsApp and email notifications.
  • User-friendly inbound call center modules.

We use system driven intelligence to drive debtor payment adherence, according to approved plans, through automated payment reminders as well as short and non-payment follow-ups. Through payment plan mapping, effective projection models are produced for reporting as well as IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) compliance valuations of accounts receivables.

Compliance Management:

  • System generated early warning reports ensure regulated response times are adhered to.
  • Scheduled and automated follow-up emails requesting required statutory documentation such as proposals, court documentation and proof of debt.

Data Privacy Compliance Solutions:

Our solutions ensure that the exchange, sharing and storing of data is protected and compliant with relevant regulatory and legal frameworks through stakeholder portals.

Enhanced Reporting and Analytics:

  • 100% customised reporting capabilities on all areas of the system.
  • Ad-hoc or scheduled reporting.
  • Deeper analytics using BI (Business Intelligence) tools for insights and forecasts.

Integrated Payment channels:

Focus is placed on the recovery of debts and a multitude of payment options are provided to best suit the industry need:

  • Debit order/ NAEDO integration for effective set up of real-time debit orders.
  • Credit card payment options.
  • EFT banking details are listed on all statements and clearly visible on the portals.

Intelligent Receipt Management:

  • A system that caters for multiple trust account bank statement imports.
  • Built-in intelligence to prevent duplicate receipts.
  • Immediate receipt allocation.
  • Automated paid-up letters sent on finality of matters.
  • A stopgap function ensures accounts do not go into credit and any overpayment is allocated for an immediate refund to source.
  • A suspense module deals with unallocated receipts received.
  • Suspense tasks monitoring and team tracking.
  • Built-in bank reconciliations.
  • Receipting reports.


Our team provides a range of support services including:

  • Help desk services
  • Hosting and database management
  • Application development and system maintenance
  • Disaster recovery protocol
  • Regular penetration and security testing